The Minimodel Europa is not a standard railyard. It has got a story behind it. There are free style railway lines in Horné Považie – Slovakia and in the border village Horní Lideč – Moravia continuing into the Wallachian Valley Brumov-Bylnice. Fancifully we connected the places where there is no connection possible in real life. We assigned them completely new names. The main theme of our story lies in the model electric railroad at the border village Česko-Slovenské Pomezí. From there you can travel either to the modernized Moravian railway station Lukov or to the Slovak station Horné Považie.
If you need to travel by a local diesel train from the station Česko-Slovenské Pomezí you can easily arrive at the Lukačovice station which is situated in the mountainous area of the Wallachian region. From here you can continue to the Slovak´s region nearest train stop Šípková and continue further to the station Panská Lúka.
In case you work in a forest enterprise for wood processing, your nearest station is Šípková from where the diesel train railway continues as a blank siding for wood loading and unloading.
The station Panská Lúka is also situated in the mountainous region Horné Považie. You can go either to the station Horné Považie or in the opposite direction to the Wallachian village Lukačovice.
If you need to travel by a local diesel train from the station Panská Lúka you will continuously arrive at the changing station Horné Považie. Here you can decide to continue either to the station Česko-Slovenské Pomezí via the station Vrátna, or you can again change for the local diesel train going to the Fatra region via the train stop Diery.
It is possible you will find yourself in this story. Every morning when you go to work you pop into your favourite grocery store, stop at a gas station to fuel up while having your cup of coffee, bring your kids to school and finally look forward to knocking off from work.
When you travel by a train the story is probably a similar one. Using the local railway station you know exactly which platform your train departs from. You stop to get your morning newspaper and then in a local grocery you get your fresh pastries and after work at the end of the day on your way back home you can´t miss the station pub for a shot or two (you´ve got two legs, haven´t you?) plus a pint of good beer to rinse them down.
It is also fun to go on a trip at the weekend. You will find an excellent motorest where your family can enjoy a delicious lunch. You may buy a few cheese titbits and be looking forward to visiting the local ruins of a castle, thus completely enjoying the Saturday afternoon while there is a whole Sunday still ahead of you.
And with us you can experience all of this even though it is just in a simulated model world. Believe it or not, if just for an hour you´ll forget all your sorrows and worries re-entering the world of your inner child.
Established on 1st November 2016
We opened to the public for the first time on 1st February 2023